Hello, this Is my first real blog post as I actually have something to say now!

I went to Saltaire (nr. Leeds) today with my friend Dan and had a wander round the park.
It’s a really nice place, ideal for street photography and wildlife/nature shooting. I love photographing people and their surroundings and how an image can tell a story. You also get to talk to other people, which is always a bonus!

I saw a couple with cameras across the canal so I stopped to shoot a picture with their reflections in the water. Then they spotted me and did the same thing! The photo I got from it was unfortunately focused on the bank and not them, but it was fun nonetheless.

I had a couple of impromptu photo shoots with some dogs too, one of which just came up and stood right in front of my camera asking to have its photo taken!

Edited photos are below, and you can visit my Saltaire Flickr gallery by clicking here.


20130217-225413.jpg“Smiling Westie”


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