Project: 1-100: #3 & #5

I’ve decided not to go in numerical order for this project, i don’t want to miss some numbers whilst looking for others! So here are numbers 3 and 5.

Number 3 is a photograph of the chimneys of the three breweries in Tadcaster, the home of the Sam and John Smiths breweries.

I first took the photo in the morning with the sunlight behind the chimneys, in the background of the shot, but this resulted in either blown out sky or black foreground, neither of which looked any good. So I waited until the afternoon when the sun had moved round and the chimneys were better lit (and the sky was more interesting).

20130227-201429.jpg“The Three Chimneys”

Next is number 5. I found this shot when I was out at the stables with Susie, near Poppleton in York.

I wanted to make the number the focus as it was only small, so I got down under the telegraph pole and used a wide aperture to blur the rest of the pole.

20130227-203509.jpg“Pole 5”

View my progress here.


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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