A quick tour of my Flickr photostream

I thought I’d give a quick tour of my Flickr photostream and pick out a few photos to say a bit about.
Click any of the images to view them in my photostream.

This first one is a photo of a field near me after the harvest, with tractor tracks up and down. I like how the tracks run into the photo, leading the eye toward the horizon. The original image was a bit dull, so I boosted the contrast and colour a little to bring out the blue of the sky and oranges in the field.
Field Tracks
“Field Tracks”

This one is one of my favourites. The railings surround Tower Brewery (the chimney of which plays a part in my Project: 1-100 #3 post). It was freezing that day so I didn’t take many photos, but the best ones are in my Frozen Tadcaster set.
Frozen Webs
“Frozen Webs”

I was out in Leeds when i took this photo. I didn’t know I’d got it until I got home as I just aimed without looking at clicked. I converted it to black and white in post-production and picked out the red heart. More photos from this set can be seen here.
I Love New York
“I Love New York”

I’ve also started a collection of bottle cap photos here. I’m not really sure why, but I find them interesting squashed into the ground. I wonder how many different ones I can get…

Have a look at my other photos here, and of course your comments are always welcome, both here and on Flickr.


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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