I went to Knaresborough with my friend Dan today, with a misty day providing a new photographic challenge. As it turned out, I think the black and white shots I took were sometimes helped by the mist as it gave a nice old-style look to the photos.

I managed to get a couple of photos for my 1-100 project. See those here!

All the images from today can be seen on here on my Flickr site.

The first photo was actually helped by the mist, as the sun’s rays were shining through at just the right point to give a possibly etherial feel to the photo.

20130305-220740.jpg“Stone Steps”

I had to be quick with this next photo, the signalman let us cross the track just before the train behind me set off from the station. I felt it would do well in black and white, with the contrast showing the tracks really nicely.


These boats were moored up by a small cafe on the river. I like the bold blue paint and the lines created by the white bench seats.

20130305-220953.jpg“Blue Boats”

I’d definitely recommend taking a visit to Knaresborough, loads of beautiful views and interesting streets and buildings.

Don’t forget to visit my “Knaresborough” set on Flickr.

Comments welcome below!


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