Selby & York

On Friday I decided to take a trip to Selby and York, which turned out to be more of an adventure than I’d planned. By “adventure” I mean “massive detour” due to an unexpected road closure!

All the photos in this post were taken using my new/old dirt cheap 35mm lens I bought for a fiver (it’s about 30 years old, but I thought I’d have a play with it).

The route I took to Selby from home (Tadcaster) went through three or four little villages, one of which had a bright red fish and chip shop in the middle of a street with nothing else on it. I must go back and photograph it soon, if I can find it again!

The first three photos were taken in Selby town centre.

20130316-222146.jpg“Selby Abbey”

As I walked past the town hall, I saw some men cleaning the garden area, so I got this photo of one of them brushing down the fence.

20130316-223457.jpg“Cleaning The Fence”

When I was walking back to the car, I saw these two ladies trying to work out how much time they had until whatever deadline they had to meet (I think it was about half 12 at the time).

20130316-222303.jpg“What Time Is It?”

After I’d done a small tour of Selby, I decided to visit York. These in-car snapshots were taken whilst I was stuck in horrendous traffic on the way to York. It should take about half an hour but it took me over an hour and a half!


Eventually I got into York and, even though it was raining, I’d made such an effort to get there I had to take a walk round and get a few photos. As the gentleman below suggests, it was a bit of a miserable day!

20130316-230952.jpg“Miserable Day”

I walked past a tiny little church with a pair of chauffeurs waiting for the wedding party outside. I quite like the angle this photo’s taken at (I was shooting from the hip most of the day).

20130316-231312.jpg“Chauffeurs” (featured in Project: 1-100)

I got this next guy as he was enjoying a lean on a wall. His face also looks a bit cold and wet.


My final photo was a bit of a fluke. It’s not perfectly focused on the man and his bike, but I think the blur of the background gives enough focus on him to get away with it! I managed to blur everything but the man by walking past and keeping the middle of the lens pointed at him so the background moved past.

20130316-231831.jpg“On Yer Bike!”

Stay tuned for more days out, and hopefully that bright red chippy when I eventually find it!

Comments and criticism always welcome 🙂


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