Things to do at Home: Smokin’!

It’s been snowing recently (did you notice?!) and I’ve not managed to get out with my camera, so yesterday I looked up some things to do indoors with my camera. I stumbled across smoke photography and thought I’d give it a go.

It took a bit of setting up, I’ll try not to bore with too many details!

I got a black box as a background and a small box to put a candle on (apparently it works better with incense – constant smoke). Then I positioned the remote flash to the right of the candle, facing into the smoke stream. To stop any light hitting the background I used a piece of card to deflect the light away. All that remained was to focus the camera on the candle, blow out the candle and fire the shutter! Because I used a candle, I had to keep relighting and blowing it out to get smoke. Next time ill have to get some incense sticks!

Here’s my initial focusing shot, looking good so far…


Now to start with the smoke…


Part way through I moved the candle to the right as the smoke was drifting to the left and I was missing it a bit.



I really enjoyed this shoot, I learned a bit more about flash photography and got to play with fire, which is always fun! Definitely recommended! (Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for injuries if you try this! 😛 )


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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