Easter in Wetherby

I spent the day with my family in Wetherby at Easter, where we went to feed the ducks at the river.

Below are a few of the photographs I took during the day. I also managed to get number 38 in my 1-100 project (see that here).

These two ladies were on their way (we presumed) to the church.

The local hardware shop was still open (on Easter Day!), I suppose you never know when you’ll need a hammer or spade!

These next two photos are of a couple down at the river enjoying the sunshine (it’s a rarity at the moment!).

With this one I wanted a bit of a vintage look, so I played about with the colours and saturation to give it an older look, whilst keeping the red of the lady’s coat.

Seeing as we went to feed the ducks, I thought I should post a photo of one, just to prove that they were there! I took this one using my new 300mm lens. Well I say new, it’s probably more than 20 years old but it only cost a fiver and, with an adapter, works perfectly with a modern camera!

There was also a lot of Easter-based food during the day, you can read about some of it on Make It, Bake It, Dig It, my sister’s blog!


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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