Newby Hall

Time for another day out!

This time I went to Newby Hall, again with Dan.

On the drive up to the hall the fields were full of sheep and young lambs, all with numbers sprayed onto them. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a photograph of one of them for my 1-100 project, so I made sure to take one! See that here.

First of all, a black and white shot of the hall. For this one I got down below the steps to the hall so the pillars either side frame the hall quite nicely.


I didn’t realise there was a miniature train track running round the grounds and both me and Dan had the same idea of taking a photograph from the perspective of a tiny train! I wanted to wait until the approaching train (just a pinprick in this photo) was really close but the driver sounded his whistle telling me to get out of the way!


I saw this bench sat in a corner of the grounds facing the water. I wanted to get a shot of it further out but I’d have to be stood in the water to get the perspective I wanted! I had to settle with this closer view, which I think turned out quite well anyway.


The groundskeepers must’ve been doing some forestry work, there was a pile of chopped burnt logs near the bench above. I liked the contrast of blacks and oranges in these chunks.


There are a few open pavilions dotted about and I liked the hexagonal design of the wooden flooring in this one. I went for a shallow angle to create a shallow depth of field and increased the contrast to bring out some detail.


One from the waterfall garden next, and for this one I climbed to the top of the waterfall (it was only a small one, not as adventurous as it might sound!) and used a high shutter speed to freeze the motion of the water.


With this one I was undecided whether to go with a high contrast silhouette or decrease the contrast to allow for the detail in the trunk to come out. After some deliberation (and the opinion of my girlfriend!) I went for the detailed option.


I couldn’t go home without a photograph of the millennium beacon, but instead of just a wide shot of the whole sculpture I went for a close up shot of the word “dominus”.


For the last one I thought I’d have a go at some macro photography, for which I used my new/old 300mm lens with some extension tubes borrowed from my dad. I had to use an off camera flash to get the right amount of light into the lens, so I recruited Dan to be my assistant for the shot!


I could’ve posted a lot more photos from Newby Hall but I didn’t want to bore anybody! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them and as always your comments and criticisms are always welcome!


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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