Bakewell: Cheese, Pies and Ducks

It’s time for another day out!

I went to Bakewell at the weekend with my now-fiancée. The town was hosting a food festival, featuring everything from magnificent pork pies to beautiful cheeses, and of course the classic Bakewell Tart!

I’d like to share just a few photographs I took during the day.

I always like shots of people from behind. I like to think it portrays a bit of a story and lets the viewer use their imagination. Who’s this man? What’s his story?

This guy was hillarious, he was running a cheese stall with loads of samples available (my favourite kind of stall, I love cheese!). He talked to us about all the different cheeses they had on offer and we ate lots of free cheese, after which of course we bought some! I asked for his photo and he gave me an appropriately cheesy grin!

We had to try the pies, they looked amazing! This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but with the crowds of people it was the best one I could get of the display. I’d have used my polariser to reduce the glare from the glass cabinet if I’d had more time for the shot.

There were loads of other food related stalls at the festival, including this cookbook stall, also selling liquorice (which I also love!).

This lady was collecting for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, wearing a very noticeable yellow jacket. I liked how she stands out against the background and the guy behind her had an interesting look about him.

As we walked through the gardens toward a craft fair I spotted these three ladies sitting on a bench. I had to get the shot so i stopped for a moment and framed it against the trellis in the foreground and wall in the background.

I saw this interesting design at the foot of a bridge over the water. I cropped out a lot of the surrounding area to focus in on the plaque. I’m not sure what it’s for but it looked good anyway! If anyone from the Bakewell area knows, I’d love to find out!

We walked along the river and down into the fields, where I saw this lady on her scooter. I decided to leave the surrounding area uncropped so she brings the viewers eye into the middle of the photograph.

We were joined by the river by a group of ducks who seemed very interested in us! They let me get a few photographs of them and as payment I let them chew my fingers. It’s not how I usually charge but never mind!

All in all a brilliant day out, from a photography perspective as well as being a lovely day for the two of us. I’d definitely recommend making a day trip there, if only to sample the many culinary delights! The only thing I missed out on was a photograph of a genuine Bakewell Tart, perhaps it’s an excuse to go back at some point!

I also got a photograph for Project: 1-100, read about that here.


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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