Project: 1-100: #24

This is a bit of a special edition for my numbers project.

At the weekend I took part in a 24 hour cycling challenge with a team of 4 people from work. We went down to Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby together with around 1500 other M&S employees to take part in “Bike 24”. The challenge, as the name suggests, was to cycle round the track non-stop for 24 hours.

Were we crazy? Probably! Was it worth it? Most definitely!

The whole experience was amazing. We had weather ranging from blazing sunshine to howling gales and driving rain. Through the night and most of the morning it was constantly wet and windy but, with the support of each other and everyone there, we battled on and at 5pm on Saturday, we completed the challenge!

To our delight we were presented with medals to commemorate our huge efforts, perfect for a photograph for my project!

The point of the challenge was to raise as much money as possible for 4 cancer charities and so far our team has raised over £800! The event as a whole has so far raised a staggering £850,000! I would urge you to take a look at our fundraising website here and if you would like to donate to these very worthy causes, you can do so there.

20130627-091205.jpg“Bike 24”

Keep track of my progress here.


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