Switzerland Day 1: Planes, Trains and Cable Cars

It’s an early start as we catch a 2 hour flight to Zürich. No photos of the plane journey unfortunately, but just imagine a patchwork of green fields as we flew over England and France!

Upon arrival in Zürich, it felt like the temperature had been raised another notch, if that were possible!! Straight onto the first train of 3 to get us nearer our destination in the mountains. Lots of green scenery and lakes as we cruise through the countryside with typical Swiss efficiency; trains bang on time and always exactly where they need to be!

20130813-221537.jpgWe sat opposite this interesting fellow, who sounded like he really enjoyed his food! (Munch, munch, munch!)

20130813-221547.jpgOne of the many views out of the train window.

Our next stop was Lauterbrunnen, where we piled into a cable car with about 40 other people. Swaying up the mountain, this is where the mountains are first really visible. What a sight! Another train and finally we’re in Mürren!

20130813-221556.jpgThe final train took us round the mountainside toward Mürren.

Finally, after about 10 hours of journeying, we arrive at our chalet in Mürren. More spectacular views of the mountain range. I can see memory cards filling up very quickly if I’m not careful!

20130813-221619.jpgA nighttime view of the Eiger on the first evening.

Tomorrow we go to Winteregg for “Alplerzmorgäbuffet mit volkstümlicher Unterhaltung” (breakfast buffet with folklore music). A good opportunity for street style photography!

Stay tuned!

You can see the other posts about my week in Switzerland here.


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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