So I was watching a film the other night and I heard an almighty crack outside, which I immediately knew was lightning. Then the rain came flooding down! So naturally I reached for my camera, frantically changed the battery and set up on the windowsill and attempted to get a shot of some lightning.

The first few tries were unsuccessful, what with the brewery yard being floodlit and directly in the line of the oncoming clouds. I tried to reposition and found a reasonable angle to avoid being flooded with unwanted light. I couldn’t avoid it all, hence the orange glow in the bottom of the final photo.

After a bit of post-production (mainly noise removal, long exposures and low light can really bring the quality down!) I got the final photo, which I do rather like!

20130822-225503.jpg“A Storm’s Brewing”


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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