An adventure into the past

There was an antiques fair on at the local racecourse last weekend, so I went along and picked up this:

It’s a 33 year old Canon AE-1 SLR film camera, so it’s older than me and still looks fantastic! I love how it’s made from metal (not like my 550D) and is nice and chunky and feels solid.

My dad’s been telling me for a while to give film photography a go, so I thought this was the ideal chance! And for only £15, how could I say no?! So I’ve gone and bought some black and white film and am borrowing my dad’s developing kit and chemicals; I thought I’d go the whole way and learn something new (well, old!) while I’m at it. I’ve also borrowed his negative scanner so I can easily get them into the computer once I’ve developed the film, then I can post some of the photos I get on here. I may at some point do some prints with the enlarger, but that’s for another time!

So stay tuned for some old school black and white film photography, I might even do a post about the developing process.


What do you think? (I love hearing your views!)

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