Back to basics: cardboard, paper and a hole!

I mentioned recently that my fiancée had bought me a “build your own pinhole camera” book for Christmas. So I bought some film, raided the recycling for card and paper and started taking photos!

(Hop over to my new Instagram here to see my pinhole camera!)

With a pinhole camera it’s very hit and miss, as there’s no viewfinder to aim with, nor are there any settings to think about. You just have to point the camera roughly at what you’re shooting and uncover the hole for a guessed amount of time! It’s a lot of fun actually, not only do you not know if the shots will come out right, but you have no idea if it actually works at all until you develop the film.

I spent yesterday afternoon developing the film and scanning the negatives. After a bit of processing and quite a lot of deletion (some of the photos didn’t work at all) I have the results and below are the best/most interesting ones.






20140110-142039.jpgI don’t even know what the last one is, but I like the image created nonetheless!

As a review, I’d say the camera I made wasn’t entirely light-tight, as you can see from the light blobs and streaks around the edges of most of the photos. I’d definitely recommend making a pinhole camera, it’s a really fun process and the results are always unique and interesting! The book I used for instruction is this one, worth a look in my opinion!


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