Leeds: The Challenges

I finally managed to get into Leeds on Sunday to take some photos!

I thought I’d share the photos from the challenges some of you set for Hannah and I on Facebook in this post, and plenty of other photos will follow soon!

So, there were 7 challenges you set for us, unfortunately I was only able to get 6 of them, owing to the sun going in before the “silhouette” photo could be achieved!

Here are my challenge photos:

1. Symmetry
2. People in hats
3. Long exposure
20140317-203213.jpgI spent a while on this one. Firstly, it was really sunny at the time I took the photo, so that made it difficult to start with! After some patience and persistence, I managed to get a decent looking photo. I like that the cyclist’s yellow jersey was a blur yet the person in the bus shelter remained still.

4. Looking upwards at buildings
20140317-203157.jpgThere are loads of really interesting building in Leeds, some old and some new. I liked the side of The Cube shopping centre, so went right up to the wall to get this shot looking straight up.

5. Water
20140317-203732.jpgWe wandered round the canal area during our trip out, a perfect place for a water photo! This one was taken with a high shutter speed to freeze the water in motion.

6. Wildlife in the city
20140317-203220.jpgThis pigeon photo is my favourite one and took the most effort/patience! Part of the credit has to go to Hannah for this one. I employed her to run at the pigeon to get it to fly towards me while I lined up the shot. I was a bit late on the trigger but luckily I think it turned out quite well!

As soon as Hannah posts her challenge entries I’ll link it on my blog so you can see who you think won!

Stay tuned for more from my day in Leeds, including St Patrick’s Day festivities and general wanderings.


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