St Patrick’s Day Parade and Other Things in Leeds

I went to Leeds with Hannah, my sister Gemma (see her blog here) and her boyfriend for a wander round and for Hannah and I to take on a series of photo challenges some of you set us a while back.

We started the day with a hunt for a lunch venue, but were quickly distracted by the St Patrick’s Day celebrations that were going on in Millennium Square. There was a live band on stage singing Irish songs, a tented bar area and a parade including floats, music and loads of people dressed in typically Irish looking outfits!

After the parade had passed through the street by the Square, we continued our search for food.
We wandered down to the canal, where I got one of my “challenges” photo from this post.

Once we made our back into the city, we finally agreed on a place to eat! A little later than a proper lunch time, we ended up at Mrs Atha’s, a little coffee shop on Central Road. It’s a really nice little place with pulled pork sandwiches, home made soups and a delicious selection of cakes!

After lunch, we continued to wander through the city centre, where Hannah and I finished off our photo challenges. I’ve shown some of my favourites below.

I took a lot of photos on my day out, far too many to show here! To finish off, here’s a selection of my favourites of the rest of them.

I always love your comments and feedback, so please tell me what you think of my photos in the box below!


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