Leeds: The challenges

This is Hannah’s side of our Leeds Challenges, you can see mine here. We’d love you to let us know who you think won, or which photos you prefer!

Hannah L-Brady

So, after many weeks of trying to find a date we could both make, I managed to get into Leeds with my cousin Simon (read his blog here: http://www.simonjbrady.com) to take some photos. This time I had a change of camera, I borrowed a DSLR to see how I got on with it, with a viewing to eventually buying one. Here’s how I got on with the challenges that were set by our loyal fans!



People in Hats


I didn’t think the hat was too obvious in this one, so I thought I’d make it a bit more obvious! I also like the way the red stands out.

Long exposure


As well as being the first time I’d used a DSLR to take photos, it was my first time using a long exposure, thankfully Simon was around to give me a helping hand and a few tips!

Looking upwards…

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